Could Too Much Screen Time Be Affecting Your Kids’ Eyes?

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For children and adults alike, spending too much time staring at a computer or television’s blue light screen is extremely harmful to the eyes.

For children, however, it is a major concern that has been growing among parents. Children’s eyes are still developing and they need an optimal environment to grow and develop healthily. With the current technology and increasing use of screens by young children, effective solutions are needed to ensure their eyes don’t get negatively affected in the long run.

Let’s first look at why too much screen time could damage your kids’ eyes.

Reasons Too Much Screen Time Is Bad for Your Kids

In a world full of technology and online activities, it’s no wonder why excessive screen time is becoming such an issue in society today. Kids, in particular, are starting to suffer from spending too much time in front of computer and phone screens and not enough time outdoors.

Aside from the obvious physical effects that this is having on children’s overall health, it is also drastically affecting their eye health as well. Here are some of the ways too much screen time is impacting children:

Blue Light Screens Cause Eye Fatigue

One way too much screen time could be negatively affecting your kids’ eye health is the extended exposure to the blue light that screens emit. When you stare at a screen for too long, you are forced to continue focusing on an object that is extremely close to your face. Prolonged screen time will eventually lead to eye fatigue and create very tired, dry eyes.

Tired dry eyes lead to overall body fatigue and can even cause mild cases of insomnia and anxiety if the problem persists for a long period of time.

Too Much Screen Time Could Be Linked to Myopia

Myopia is another term for nearsightedness. Nearsightedness accounts for 60% of the eye problems diagnosed in children ages seven and under.

Although the underlying reason is yet to be discovered, some research shows that too much screen time and exposure to blue light could be linked to the presence of myopia in children. This is another reason why parents truly need to be more vigilant in reducing the amount of screen time our kiddos are exposed to.

Too Much Screen Time Negatively Affects Sleep Patterns

Not only does too much screen time negatively affect eye health, but research has also stated that too much screen time could affect our sleep patterns as well. Staring at a blue screen for a prolonged amount of time confuses our eyes, which also sends mixed signals to our brains, making our bodies get off track on our natural circadian rhythm.

The circadian rhythm of our bodies is what tells us when it’s day or night and helps us relax when it’s time for bed. When kids are over-exposed to the many screens in their lives, it could cause them to have trouble sleeping.

Helpful Tips That Can Help Avoid the Negative Side Effects of Excessive Screen Time

Now that it’s clear that too much screen time is significantly affecting eye health in children, it’s important to find ways to help avoid the unwanted repercussions of this growing problem.

Some strategies you can implement to avoid the negative effects of too much screen time include the following:

Limiting Screen Time for Kids

One way you, as a parent, can intervene and help keep your kids’ eyes safe is by setting clear limits on screen time usage. Of course, you should allow your kids enough time on their devices to get homework and other necessary things done, but give them a time limit each day so that you can be sure they aren’t damaging their eyesight.

Screen time should include all activities on phones, tablets, computers, and even television.

Let Your Kids Wear Blue Light Screen Glasses

When limiting screen time seems like an impossible solution, we do have another surefire solution: blue light screen glasses for kids.

Blue light screen glasses for kids are glasses that are worn strictly while staring at screens. These will help to block the blue light from affecting your kids’ eyes, allowing them to still get their homework done online, while also protecting their precious eyes.

The benefits of these glasses for screen time are that they are more convenient and easier to implement than trying to hold strict limits on screen time or dealing with the aftermath of already damaged eyes.

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